We deploy a process and a plan that are adaptable to our client's requirements and time constrains.
  1. Our clients may provide us with a brief or detailed project description.
  2. We study our client's publications in addition to other relevant literature.
  3. We identify and collect required data such as pdb files.
  4. We list the relevant molecular attributes, for example conformational states, molecular interactions, quantity, subcellular spatial localisation and kinetic data.
  5. We produce a detailed plan for the project and then communicate this to our client using a storyboard or a detailed technical plan. The plan includes an estimate for the timing of the events, visual style, molecules used, a molecular modelling plan plus animation and rendering plans.
  6. Technical details may include: plans for modelling partially or completely unknown molecular structures (e.g. based on molecular weight), molecular surface representation style, molecular alignments and integration, atomic and molecular dynamics, conformational changes, folding, assembly, inter molecular interactions, constraining, synthesis, molecular mechanism of action, modifications and CG-based simulations (e.g. particle dynamics, fluid dynamics, membranes deformations and volumetric effects).
  7. For clients who may require visualising their molecular structures in the subcellular environment, we can develop detailed subcellular models based on our R&D and experience gained from the development of meso-micrometre scale models of mitochondria. Further information can be provided.
  8. Clients will be provided with a storyboard or technical plan which will be discussed and then refined to adjust, for example, time and budget constraints if needed.
  9. We can also produce an initial simple animation or "animatic", prior to the production stage, to provide a visual interpretation for the storyboard.
  10. At the production stage, we provide the client with briefings of the work's progress. We are happy to adjust the work to ensure that it meets the client's requirements.
  11. Finally, we will provide the client with a set of high quality images and a movie or other types of media. We keep your project files for updating.